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Is the Birla Estates property in Magadi Road the right one to invest in?


What are Investments?

Investments are the right source to keep our future safe and bright. However, the investment we do should be the right one. As there are chances of non-success if there is any negligence.

Birla Tisya

How do we examine a property?

In a vast cosmopolitan city like Bangalore. There are innumerable properties scattered in the city. Though the city has great potential. It’s our responsibility to justify and analyze the property. This reduces any future risks. Before you fix a property to buy do check these basic prerequisites for smooth buying and living

  • A credible and reputed builder
  • Analyze the infrastructure and connectivity of the property location
  • Analyzing the location helps in deriving the resale value
  • Get to know the list of amenities and make sure it’s in place
  • Validating the title and legal documents of the property with a professional help

Is the Birla Estates property in Magadi Road the right one to invest in?

4 Small Takeaways

  • Go for a reputed builder
  • Check the RERA approval of the property
  • Go for a booming and prominent location
  • More the amenities more the fun

If we find a property with all these positive pointers we should be grabbing it right !! Here is that brilliant property

Birla Tisya

What’s the Birla Tisya Whereabouts

Birla Tisya is a premium property developed by Birla Estates in Magadi Road, West Bangalore. This property is a super favourable property with different configurations like 2,3 and 4 BHK.

The RERA approval is yet to be obtained for this property. The development size of Birla Tisya is 4.75acres with 392 units. The Birla Estates has implemented the best designs and architecture for Birla Tisya from the experts. Thus all the units are well ventilated and please us with fresh air and sunlight. The view of this property is on the whole a phenomenal one. We would get a breathtaking view from each unit.

The space of this Birla Tisya is well executed with great efficiency. The infrastructure of the property is designed with high-level standards that offer various facilities that are Sewage Treatment Plant, Rainwater Harvesting.

We avail of plenty of amenities in this property that offers us a great lifestyle, serene, cosy and luxurious living space and atmosphere. The amenities of Birla Tisya are exciting with

A music room, this is a unique and amazing feature in the Birla Tisya

Massive Clubhouse is present in the property that has many indoor activities to keep us healthy and happy

Swimming pool, a place where we can relax and rejuvenate ourselves from the urban buzz

The amphitheatre is another surprising element in the property where we could have a big screen time with our loved ones.

Multipurpose lawn, that creates our special day more cherishing

Magadi Road is a promising place in the Bangalore location. There are several reasons for the prominence of this area. However, the most predominant factors are infrastructure and connectivity. Both these are well arranged in this region which brings a lot of investors and homebuyers to this locality. As there are many best schools, healthcare centres, top-notch shopping malls, supermarkets and entertainment arenas. The location also has many good connecting roads like

  • Mysore Road
  • Bannerghatta Road
  • NICE Road

The Birla Tisya is the right property with favourable unit sizes. Though the exact sizes of the property are not yet known. The units could be available in sizes ranging from

  • 850sqft
  • 1150sqft
  • 1350sqft
  • 1750sqft

We could avail from the wide range of units available. And there are over 15+ amenities present on the property.

Hope this makes you decide on the property !! Happy and profitable Buying !!

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