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A supreme property beyond basic prerequisites by Birla Estates


Bangalore real estate market is famous for its reinvented design. The builders have created a new pattern or shape for the infrastructure of the property. There is a fusion of people living in this supreme city. Thus to justify and satisfy every category needs. The real estate developers have crafted many fresh concepts and techniques to provide a complete property.

A supreme property beyond basic prerequisites by Birla Estates

This has made the whole nation look up to the growth of Bangalore real estate. This leads to the attraction of investors and homebuyers to the city. Thus a large percentage of revenue is obtained from this sector. Thus this sector contributes to the GDP of the city to a great extent.

These are the general facts and benefits to the nation. However what’s our returns if we invest in a property. Yes!! These are the safest, secured investments compared to other saving plans like Bonds, Mutual Funds, Jewellery.

So it is evident that these are fruitful investments. However, in Bangalore city, we find abundant investment properties. But which one to choose?

It’s best suggested to choose reputed builders in the city. This minimizes many of the risks and difficulties involved in buying. By picking the best builder projects we could expect an extraordinary property rather than investing in a usual property which might also have some risks involved.

Birla Tisya Magadi Road

As far as we know we need to be checking on some basic factors like

  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Budget
  • Quality
  • Resale value

But there are few builders in the market who provides all these by default and offers many attractive and beneficial factors in the property.

Today we are going to review one such property by the Birla Estates.

Birla Tisya

This is an excellent property located in Magadi Road, West Bangalore. This is a cost-effective property designed with preferable configurations like 1,2 and 3 BHK. The property is finely designed to provide well lit and ventilated units. The design of the Birla Tisya is stunning with a modern and robust structure.

The connectivity is excellent in Birla Tisya location with many connecting roads in the surroundings like Mysore Road, Bannerghatta Road, NICE Road.

The framework of this locality is also well developed with best in class schools, hospitals, industries, shopping malls and religious places.

The amenities in the Birla Tisya are very innovative and superior. As these add more value to our life. A music room that adds excellent value to our kids and ourselves. We could learn, explore, train music in this dedicated space. A large swimming pool is available in the Birla Tisya premises that is an all-age favourite. We have a special deck for the virtual gaming room where we can consider the space for creative stuff.

An amphitheatre is present in the Birla Tisya to provide space for creative and innovative performance. Though we like films at some point we are bored of it. This helps in providing a good space to experiment with new ideas and performances. The Birla Estates have generously provided enormous amenities.

The infrastructure of this project is also appealing with its next-generation facilities.

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